A few days ago, I went to my old high school to accompany my parents. In that particular day, they were celebrating what we called Teachers’ Appreciation Day. They had a program all set to thank the teachers. Students performed, some parents had a dance number, and food was prepared for the faculty to enjoy.

As I witnessed the whole event and as I saw some of my old teachers, I could not help but look back at my time when I was still a student in International Christian Academy (the name of my High School). There were teachers that I did not like at the time, and I’m pretty sure that there were some teachers who didn’t really like me. But time and time again, there is this one memory that always stands out when I think about my experiences with my former teachers.

I think it was in my second year of high school (I’m not really sure). Back then, I wasn’t really the best student. My goal was just pass the subject. I was lazy. I put little to no effort in my studies. I was content with being a mediocre student. I had that mindset for so long that I started to believe that mediocrity would be my limit.

So the almost the entire year by, and as you can tell, I mostly struggled through my classes (Especially Statistics). When the school year was almost over, we were mandated to take this national diagnostics test (Forgot what it was called). So, I took it. I kind of took it seriously and took my time with it. I thought about my answers (for the most part) and finished it.

On the day that the results were sent back to our school, my adviser at the time called me into the faculty office. I didn’t know why. In my mind it couldn’t be good. He showed me my results, and to be honest, they were pretty good.

He started to talk to me about potential, and how I was wasting mine. I can’t remember the exact words that he said. But that his moment stuck with me until now. No teachers ever took me aside just to talk to me about my potential–to just encourage me.

Whenever I remember that moment, I always tell myself that I would thank that teachers every time I could. Well, Sir Matthew Aleta, thank you once again for what you did for me. I don’t know if you really remember it, but I’m really grateful. I hope one day I would also be able to encourage others like how you encouraged me. (P.S. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this that you’re checking my grammar and writing skills. If there are mistakes, please let it slide for now. Hahaha!)

I hope this post will also be an encouragement. To all the teachers and mentors out there, you have the chance to touch people’s lives. Don’t waste it. Don’t take it for granted. You can, and are making a difference.

To the people who think their limit is mediocrity, don’t think that way. You have potential. You can excel.

And to everyone, encourage one another. Build each other up. You can also make a difference in someone’s life.

One of the points in my bucket list is to go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

One of the points in my bucket list is to go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Last night, I had a hard time sleeping. So I decided to make a bucket list.

Here’s what I have so far:

A.  Play a round of Golf at:
Pebble Beach
TPC at Sawgrass
St. Andrews

B. Travel
Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
Forbidden City & Great Wall (China)
African Safari

C. Activities
Sky Diving
Watch a Laker game at Staples Center
Watch a major golf tournament live.

Hopefully, I’ll able to check off some of these soon, and maybe add some more. What’s on your bucket list? 🙂

P.S. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update this blog more often. Got a couple of topics lined up. 🙂

With the first week of the year about to end, I would like to look back at the past year and share the things that I am grateful for. I would like to share how the Lord has been good to me during 2011. So aside from my family (Thank you, family!), here are some of the things that I am thankful for:

1. That Friday Thing and My Spiritual Family

In case you don’t know, That Friday Thing is a youth service comprised of High School and College students (with a few young professionals) at the Every Nation Building in Fort Bonifacio. We meet up every Friday at 6:30pm (Shameless plug right there!).

I started attending TFT on the last week of January 2010. Since that time it has become like a second home to me. I have gained friends that I know, if God permits, will be my friends for the rest of my life. In them, I have found a strong bond. I know that no matter what happens they will be there for me. During the entire year, during my ups and my downs, they stood by me. Brothers, sisters, mentors, accountability partners, and friends–family.

I would also like to mention the people that I consider my mentors, who have guided me this past year. Men of Christ who helped me with my Christian walk. These three men: Richard Blaylock, Mel Chan, and Patrick Mercado have guided me and equipped me to become the leader that I am today. I know I still have A LOT to learn. That’s why I am thankful that they are there.

2. One Stage, One Night and Cross and Arrow Events Management

Definitely, this is one of the most, if not the most, unexpected things that God has blessed me with during the past year. To cut the story short, my parents are concert producers who advocate for Filipino music or OPM, and they passed on that vision to me. Thus, Cross and Arrow Events Management was born.

It wasn’t an easy road, but it was worth it. Producing a concert was already in my mind before my parents opened up the idea to me. After months of preparation, One Stage One Night: BBS feat. Kean Cipriano was held at the Aliw Theater on November 26,  2011. It was an overwhelming experience. To see something that you’ve really worked hard for and was passionate about for months finally put up on stage for everyone to see was really a great moment.

I’m thankful for all the people who were a part of it and really worked hard for the concert. So I would like to thank everyone from Beginning at Twenty Plus, Inc: Delbert Santos, Kokay Maramot, Mavic Josue, Maik Beniabon and to my parents, Stanley and Pelita Uy; Everyone from Soupstar Entertainment: Darwin Hernandez and Vanessa Ramirez-Sotto; To Kean Cipriano, Rye Sarmiento and all the artists that were a part of it.

(Like the Cross and Arrow Facebook page:

3. Word Up

This was another fulfilling project for me. My version of the concept was written in August 2010. Throughout the year, a total of 7 episodes were shot (10 including the episodes before the reboot). I had fun hosting the show along with Jason Hernandez, Russell Alimon, Sha Sales, and Angela Munoz. To get the chance to talk about God’s Word and reach out to the youth with a TV show was something I’m really grateful for. I was also a tough road. But again, it was worth it.

To all the people who worked in this project: Tina Millano, Vanessa Labrusca, Jaezell Lao, Direk Christian Flores, to all the other writers and crew, I would like to say thank you.

(to watch the episodes go to:

4. New and Stronger Relationships

Lastly, all of the things that were mentioned above had one thing in common: they helped me gain new friends and build stronger relationships. From TFT, which let’s me meet new people in a regular basis (some have already become my close friends), to One Stage One Night, where I met a few of the most talented people in the country, to Word Up, which gave me a lot of fun moments during tapings with my co-hosts and the crew.

God has truly blessed me with a lot of things last year. He has been good and faithful to me and my family. I know no matter what happens in 2012, He will still be there to guide me. With all these good things, nothing compares to the gift of knowing Jesus more. To everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Look back and list down the things that you are grateful for the past year. God bless!

Hello there! I’ve been pondering about this for quite some time now. Tonight, I have finally decided to start blogging. I won’t put anything specific here, just my thoughts that I would like to share to others. It can range from sports, music, to whatever. But one thing is sure: I’m going to use this to share the Word of God. So from time to time, I’ll be posting some gospel-based content here.

I hope that you’ll follow this and find something that you like, something that will inspire you, and something that will help you with your walk with God. As of now, the page doesn’t look like much. But I’ll gradually try to make it more appealing for you guys.

That’s all I’ve got so far. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂