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Disclaimer: My reviews will also factor in my experience as a viewer not just based on the film’s technical and creative elements.



Directed by Dan Villegas

Starring Derek Ramsey and Jennyln Mercado

All of YouI think it is relevant to mention that my family and I had a brief discussion and “debate” about the characters’ actions and issues after watching the film. Just goes to show how All of You portrays the perspectives of the film’s two main characters, and how real they could be.

All of You is this year’s edition of Quantum Films’ seemingly annual participation in the Metro Manila Film Festival.

The film, in my opinion, starts as if it would be one of those draggy, cringe-worthy Filipino romantic films. However, as the story progresses, it turns out to be a decent watch as viewers may be pulled in to how the characters deal with their relationship and how it moves forward.

This is also Jennyln’s most dramatic role in recent memory. Her character, although having similarities with her previous performances, has a more serious and quiet tone to her as compared to her more wacky and loud characters in English Only Please and Just the Three of Us. Derek Ramsey was also a good fit to his role.

In summary, All of You features two people with two different ideals from two different perspectives trying to make their relationship work and get what they want from it.

It is nothing special. It is not that much different from different Filipino Romantic Dramas. But if you are looking for a love story, All of You is a decent choice.


Directed by Loy Arcenas

Starring Joanna Ampil, Rachel Alejandro, and Paulo Avelino

Ang Larawan is a film based on a play written by National Artist Nick Joaquin with 24172896_432677607135084_7902492717970583668_omusic written by the great Ryan Cayabyab.

The film is definitely a step forward for Philippine cinema. Its genre alone brings something different to the table, especially in the Metro Manila Film Festival. Add a fantastic cast (except for Paulo Avelino’s singing. But more on that later.), Ryan Cayabyab’s music, and good cinematography, and you have a wonderful film.

Ang Larawan also gives Joanna Ampil a chance to show the average moviegoer to see why she has been well-respected in the world of theater for decades.

Like what the title suggests, the story revolves around a portrait painted by the father of Candida (Joanna Ampil) and Paula (Rachel Alejandro), and what it represents and how it affects the characters lives.

To be honest, after the credits rolled, I had to take time to reflect and assess how I felt about the film. But I realized that it would be something I would watch again. Although not mind-blowing, it left a mark once seen in its entirety.

Aside from some awkward selection of shots and cuts, and Paulo Avelino’s singing which I can only compare to Russell Crowe in Les Miserables, viewers should at least give it a chance. Watch it as soon as you can due to the fact that it has already been pulled out from numerous theaters after just a day of screening.

Lastly, an unpopular statement, I do understand how general viewers may not appreciate nor choose to watch this film over the other entries.