Josh Tries To Be Fit: The Insanity Fit Test


I think most of my friends know that I’m not the fittest guy. Although I’ve been running semi-regularly since the start of the year.

But this time, I’m really going to try be more regular when it comes to fitness. I just needed 5-years of mental preparation.

Ito na talaga! Sana… 

To begin my quest for fitness. I tried the Insanity Fit Test last Wednesday (June 29, 2016). The Fit Tests lasts for about 34 minutes including warm-up, resting periods, and cool down. It contains 8 exercises that you have to do for a minute each. Participants are encouraged to write down how many reps they were able to accomplish to track improvement.

So here is how I did:

Switch Kicks: 100 (I don’t even know if I counted correctly. It’s kind off hard to count while exhausting yourself. Haha.)
Power Jacks: 37
Power Knees32
Power Jumps: 15 (This is where I started to get really tired.)
Globe Jumps: 5 Rotations
Suicide Jumps: 10
Push-Up Jacks: 12
Plank Obliques: 36

A lot of low numbers. But I’m planning to try this again in a month or so. Hopefully, by that time I’ll see some improvements.

But for now, do you guys have any tips on which programs/schedule I should take up? Comment them below!



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