What We Can Learn from the Lakers Head Coach Hunt

Don’t worry. This won’t be a sports blog. I won’t be analyzing every candidate, and give my pros and cons about them. However, I believe there is something that we can pick up from how the Lakers are handling the situation. That being said, I hope that you’ll continue to read on.


I’ve been a Lakers fan since the 2001 Finals when the team won the NBA Championship against the Philadelphia 76ers. And I don’t just consider myself as a fan, but as a diehard fan. So you can imagine my disappointment with them this season, and my reason for continually looking for news about their search for a head coach since their former coach stepped down.

If you read articles about the topic, you will always encounter the fact that the Lakers are taking their time. They don’t want to step in too quickly. But why is that? Why do they have to carefully look at all potential candidates, interview them, and weigh their pros and cons?

Here’s why:

I’m no coach or athlete, but when I hear the word coach I know that he’s the one who will dictate the system and the culture of the team. He is the one who makes the game plans. He is a person who should have a vision for the future of the team.

The right coach will lead a team to success.

So what’s my point? What can we all pick up from this?

Well, we can apply this to leadership (the coach is also a leader after all). If you are looking for someone to follow, someone who you want to be your mentor, you have to make sure that he has the right vision. He should be able to guide and lead you to the path that you should take.

If you are a leader, ponder on these things. Set a goal, have vision. Put your “team” in a position where they will be successful. Develop the skills and the potential of the people that you are leading.

And in case you’re wondering, I like Lionel Hollins to coach the Lakers next (Sorry, couldn’t help it)


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