Blog: Reactivated

It’s been more than 2 years since I put up this blog, and it’s quite obvious that I’ve been inconsistent when it comes to writing and putting up entries. That’s why I’ve decided to “reactivate” my blog and be more active.

I hope to regularly post blog posts starting June, and maybe sneak in a few this week.

I don’t plan to focus on one particular topic or theme. You can expect anything from personal experiences, travel, sports, film, poetry, and anything else I can think of. However, I will definitely write entries talking about the gospel, discipleship, and the like.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post 3 entries a week, preferably every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Suggestions and insights would be much appreciated. Please leave them in the comments section below.

If you wish to be updated with my entries follow me here on WordPress or get updated through my Twitter account.:)


  1. benchdl said:

    Josh! can I request you to blog anything about excellence in work? 😀 or who is joshua uy? @.@

    • I’ll try bro! Mas may experience ka nga sakin when it comes to work eh. HAHAHA! Pwede rin yung who is Joshua Uy. Gusto mo video pa? hahaha jk .

      • benchdl said:

        May experience sa work… oo, pero walang excellence LOL! hahaahha pwede pwede! :)) gaganda ng mga post mo bro 😀 keep it coming! 😀

  2. benchdl said:

    on second thought, can you blog about drawing the line in being generous? @.@

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