Monthly Archives: April 2013

“I want to know what influence you have on my son. My only son.”

This was a statement said to me by a parent of a smallgroup (Bible-study group) member I have under me. The said statement was preceded by questions about what a small group leader was, and what the “title” actually meant concerning his son.

A couple of friends were with me at the time, and they thought it was funny. Looking back, when you know the whole scenario, they might have been right to think so. But for this blog, I won’t delve into the details.

The reason why I’m writing about what happened is because it caused me to be reminded of one thing: When we lead, we are given the trust of others.

As funny as the situation might seem, the questions given to me were actually good and valid ones. Just like any parent, that father loves his son and wants the best for him.

Reading the paragraphs above, it’s probably obvious that I’m coming from the context of leading students in a church setting, but the principal can be applied to anyone who is leading a member of the youth. May he be a teacher, an org officer, or an “honorary” big brother/sister, etc.

As a leader in our youth service, I lead high school and college students. The people included in my group was entrusted to me by God, and by my pastor and by my leaders. But it is easy to forget that we are also give then trust of the parents of these students.

We have a responsibility to grow in the Word, so that we may share it to their sons and daughters. We have a responsibility to be good examples, so that their children may have role models.

Don’t take this trust for granted. Leadership is both a privilege and a responsibility.

I know this isn’t the most well-written blog, but it was something I wanted to share to all my fellow leaders, and potential leaders.