Clover Street’s Debut Music Video Coming Soon!

About an hour ago, our meeting for Clover Street’s music video ended. The director is no one less than former child star, Nino Muhlach. The meeting made me excited for the band I manage. The ideas presented to us were awesome. It truly captured the message of the song written by Jason Hernandez, the vocalist. A few ideas were also brought up by the band.

For those who don’t know, I manage a band called Clover Street. They are Jason Hernandez (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Jayvee Florendo (Lead Guitar), Jao Monis (Drums), and Jet Dumawal (Bass). All of them are my friends from our youth ministry. I’ve been managing them since October of last year and this video could be the culmination of all our work for the past year.
The video would be their first. It would mark their debut and their attempt to make a mark on the music industry. I hope all of you guys would support them and their endeavors as they pursue their passion. Allow me to share their social networking accounts:


Twitter: @CloverStreetPH


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